Vertical Fine Boring Machine

Model ACB 1800, Model ACB 1300, Model ACB 750

The Automatia Vertical Fine Boring Machine, Model ACB 1800, is ideally suited for Automotive Engines up to 1800mm length. This high precision machine is capable of boring automotive engine cylinders as well as small power tool engines and other industrial components. Rapid Up & Down movement of the Spindle Housing & Automatic Retrieval of the Spindle after completion of Boring operation using high precision SERVO Motor facilitates turnover of Engine Blocks.

Salient Features :
• High Density Graded Castings.
• Can bore from 32mm to 150mm dia. Up to depth of 500mm.
• Feed controlled by Servo Motor and MPG system.
• Fitted with AC Drive for continuous spindle speeds form 0 – 700 rpm.
• Counter Boring is Accurate with Servo and MPG Controls System.
• Large Work Table to Accommodate Heavy Engine Blocks.
• Easy Chip Collection Facility.
• Rapid Spindle Retraction.
• Manual & Auto Feed for Counter Boring.
• Forced Lubrication for Inside Boring Head.
• Adjustable Stoppers for Boring Side.
• Auto-Stop Mechanism for Spindle Traverse.
• Dial type Tool Setting Micrometer for Accurate Tool Setting.
• Locking for Cross Slide and Table.
• Centralised Lubrication for all Guide ways.
• Ergonomically Arranged Controls with HMI.
• Machine is Programmable for Repeated Jobs.

Setting up parallels 02 nos Tool chamfering Ø 60 01 nos
Clamp standard 04 nos Tool chamfering Ø 90 01 nos
T-Bolt with nut and washer 08 nos Spanner 24-27 01 nos
Boring spindle Ø 60mm 01 nos Allen key 1.5 to 10mm (set) 01 nos
Spindle head Ø 60mm 01 nos Spanner10-11 01 nos
Spindle head Ø 90mm 01 nos Plate leveling with bolt 03 nos
Pins centering for (for ø60 & ø90) 01 nos Foundation bolt with nut 03 nos
Tool setting micrometer assembly 01 nos Operation manual 01 nos
TSM holder magnetic type 01 nos Spot lamp 01 nos
Tool boring of Ø 60 insert type 01 nos Tower lamp 01 nos
Tool boring of Ø 90 insert type 01 nos Centering dial gauge 0-10mm 01 nos

Boring Range With Standard Spindles ø46-100 mm ø62-140 mm (2.5-5.51”) Ø46-220 mm
Boring Range With Extra Spindles Ø32-190 mm ø32-240 mm (1.25-9.44”) Ø32-260 mm
Maximum Boring Head Travel 500 mm 700 mm (27.55”) 900 mm
Distance From Spindle Centre To Column 300 mm 350 mm (14”) 425 mm
Milling Length NA* 1250 mm 1500 mm
Milling Width NA* 320 mm 360 mm
Spindle Speeds (with HMI) 50-750 rpm (variable) 50-750 rpm (variable) 50-750 rpm (variable)
Spindle Feed (Servo Controlled with HMI) 0.01-0.5 mm (variable) 0.01-0.5 mm (variable) 0.01-0.5 mm (variable
Quick Return Of Boring Slide 1000 mm/min 1500 mm/min 1500 mm/min (optional)
Table Surfac 850x360 mm 1350x410 mm 1850x410 mm
Table Traverse Longitudinal 750 mm 1300 mm 1850 mm
Table Travel Crosswise 75 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Max Distance between table 650 1000 mm 1350 mm
Max Distance b/w Outer Cylinder Centre 700 1200 mm 1600 mm
Spindle Motor With AC Drive 1.5 HP, 2800 rpm 1.5 HP, 2800 rpm 2 hp, 2800 rpm
Delta HMI Colour Digital Display 5.5" 5.5" 7"
MPG For Chamfering UFO-01-2d-18 UFO-01-2d-18 UFO-01-2d-18
Servo Motor 400 watts, 3000 rpm 400 watts, 3000 rpm 400 watts, 3000 rpm
Floor Space Required in mm 1500x2000 1800x2500 2000x3700
Total Height in mm 2000 2400 3000
Net Weight (Approx) in Kg 1000 2200 2800
Gross Weight (Approx) in Kg 1200 2600 3200
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 1000x1000x2200 1600x1600x2700 1800x2600x3100
Gear Box Movement Precision ball screw Precision ball screw Precision ball screw
Gear Box Movement Precision ball screw Precision ball screw Precision ball screw

* NA-Not applicable