Horizontal Line Boring Machine

Model ALB 2500, Model ALB 1500

Automatia Line Boring Machine, Model ALH 1500 has Boring Capacity of 31 – 175 mm with a Maximum length of Block 1500 mm, Max. Distance between Built in parallels to Boring Bar 815 mm, Max. travel of Boring Bar 325 mm, Spindle Speed is infinitely variable at 50 – 750 rpm with VFD and is supplied with standard accessories as listed below.

Boring Capacity (Standard Boring Bars)31 – 175 mm31 – 175 mm
Boring Capacity (Optional Boring Bars)23 – 260 mm23 – 260 mm
Maximum Length Of Block1500 mm2500 mm (98.5”)
Max. Distance b/w Built-In Parallels To Boring BarMaximum : 815 mm , Minimum : 515 mmMaximum : 815 mm (32”), Minimum : 515 mm (20”) mm
Max. Travel Of Boring Bar325 mm325mm (12.8")
Max Distance b/w top of bed to boring bar center875 mm875 mm
Min Distance b/w top of bed and boring bar center575 mm575 mm
Spindle Speed Infinitely variable 50–750 rpm50–750 rpm
Drive Motor1.5 HP , 960 rpm 3 phase, 415v, 50 Hospitalized1.5 HP , 960 rpm 3 phase, 415v, 50 Hz
Feed: Both Directions Infinitely Variable SERVO0.01 – 0.5 mm/rev0.01 – 0.5 mm/rev
Additional Travel With Extension Bar (Optional)325 – 450 mm325 – 450 mm

Standard Accessories

Permanent ParallelsTSM – Tool Setting Micrometer
Parallels 100mm highExtra Support for Boring Bars
Parallels 160 mm high Boring Bar Rest
Parallels 200 mm highTSM with Dial Indicator & Magnetic Base
Bearing Bushes for Boring BarsTool Setting Device for Cutter Heads
Tapered Centering ConesCentering Device with Dial Indicator
Boring Bar 30 x 1600 mm (Hard Chrome plated)Boring, Facing and Chamfering Tools
Boring Bar 48 x 1900 mm (Hard Chrome plated)Clamps, Bolts and Operating Tools
Cutter Head for 30 mm Boring Bar (OD 50 x 70 mm)Machine Lamp
Cutter Head for 48 mm Boring Bar (OD 90 x 115 mm)Operation Manual

Optional Accessories At Extra Cost

Boring Bar Assembly with Bearings, Cones, Extra supports and Cutters
22 x 1300 mm
40 x 1900 mm
60 x 2000/2500 mm
Into Bore Gauge (for measuring without removing Boring Bar)
Tool Grinder
Extra Cutter Heads for 30 mm / 40mm/48 mm/60 mm Boring Bars
Extension for Boring Bar 125 mm
Small Bushing for Extra Support
* NA-Not applicable