Vertical Cylinder Honing Machine

 Model ACH 500

ACH 500 is a high precision versatile honing machine suitable for honing applications. The machine has only few moving parts, which ensures least wear. The infinitely variable speeds for rotational and reciprocal speeds achieved hydraulically, enables one to get the required cross hatch pattern. When switched off, the control system of the machine reverts to the upper most position, so that it is convenient to adjust the hones and also prevent damage to the cross hatch patterns.

  • Salient Features :

    • Quick positioning of the spindle through the traverse and rotary movements of the head stock, and linear movement of the table, on ball bearings.
    • Quick positioning of the honing head.
    • Spindle reverts to start position when switched off.
    • Digital display enables easy selection of variable options.
    • Longitudinal movement of table and traverse movement of head enables precision positioning.
    • Automatic cut off on completion of preselected number of strokes.
    • Synchronized stopping of reciprocating and rotating movements and avoid damage to cross hatch finish.
    • Non-contact proximity switches for reversal of strokes.
    • Complete electronic control.
    • Minimum moving parts reducing mechanical wear out.
    • Modular construction for easy maintenance and service.
    • Auto-Stop Mechanism for Spindle Traverse.
    • Electronic cards with self-diagnostic features for quick identification of errors.

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories at Extra Cost

Honing Equipment63 – 200 mm
Motor for Hydraulic drive63 – 200 mm
Coolant pump motor 0.15 HP, 2800 rpm
Setting up blocks 100 mm high with bolts – set of 2
Complete electric and electronic equipment Splash guard
Honing Equipment for range36 – 75 mm, 200 – 260 mm
Set of Quick acting clamps
Roll over fixture for V blocks
Fixed angle fixture for 60˚ & 90˚ V blocks
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH)2300x1550x mm approx
Max Honing Capacity In Diameter (Standard Heads)200mm
Max Honing Capacity In Diameter (With Extra Heads)300mm
Min Honing Capacity In Diameter30mm
Honing StrokeMaximum - 500mm, Minimum - 50 mm
Max Block Length1400 mm
Max Block Width550 mm
Max Block Height600 mm
Spindle Speed (Variable)10 - 300 rpm
Reciprocal Speed1 - 20 m/min
Honing Table Traverse1300 mm
Honing Head Traverse, Crosswise50mm
Max Distance Of Spindle Nose To Table Top1050 mm
Distance From Spindle Center To Column Front450 mm max
Table Size1500 x 500 mm
Motor For Rotation2 hp AC drive
Motor For Hydraulic Stroke1.5 hp
Motor For Coolant System0.25 hp
Net Weight (Approx)1200 kg
Shipping Weight (Approx)1500 kg
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH)2450x1550x2225 mm
96.5”x61”x88.75” inches
Shipping volume8.5 m3
* NA-Not applicable