Valve Seat Cutting Machine

 Model AVSC 1300

This is a heavy duty Valve Seat Cutting Machine with micro precision, made from graded stainless steel and has Centering Guide Stem made of a combination of carbide and steel facilitating perfect centering. The head movement is pneumatic which can be operated easily, which reduces noise and saves time. Digital Centering aides in faster and accurate job alignment. The Tip Holder and Inserts are specially designed to make accurate cutting angles at 30 and 45 degrees. This machine is equipped with a variable speed motor, DRO (digital), or mechanical dial indicator which facilitates accurate depth control.

  • Salient Features :

    • Single 3HP Motor for Grinding & Milling.
    • All Movements using High Precision Hardened & Ground Ball Screws with Servo Control.
    • Anti Friction Lining on all Sliding Surfaces for Smooth Operation & Long Life.
    • Manual & Automatic Rapid Up and Down Movement of the Wheel Head with MPG & Servo Motor.
    • Infinitely Variable Auto Table Traverse with Servo Control.
    • Fly Cutter for Milling Operation.
    • Low voltage electric control system with Safety Controls.
    • In-Built Dresser for Grinding Wheel.

Diameter of Spindle 80 mm
Maximum Spindle Travel 200 mm
Maximum Spindle Slant 30 Deg
Maximum Spindle Slant 30 Deg
Boring Range18-80 mm
Boring Range18-80 mm
Spindle Speed Range (Variable)30-500 rpm
Spindle Head Traverse – Cross Wise60 mm
Spindle Head Traverse – Longitudinal 1000 mm
Distance from Spindle to Table Top500 mm
Minimum Seat Cutting Diameter (Standard)18 mm
Minimum Seat Cutting Diameter (Optional)14 mm
Maximum Seat Cutting Diameter (Standard)100 mm
Maximum Seat Cutting Diameter (Optional)120 mm
Clamping Block Traverse – Cross Wise150 mm
Clamping Table Size1600 x 600 mm
Electric Motor1 Hp, 3 Ph, 415 v, 50 Hz
Air Requirements6 Bar 100 psi
Floor Area Requirement1800x1000x2200 mm
Approx Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH)2000x1200x2300 mm

Standard Accessories

Air Gun Set01 NoInsert Holder 25 – 40 mm01 No
Allen Key Set01 NoInsert Holder 40 – 60 mm01 No
Digital Centering System 01 NoInsert Holder 60 – 80 mm01 No
Carbide Stems – Custom Sizes06 NosInsert Holder 80 – 100 mm01 No
Cutting Tool (3D – 45 Deg)02 NosSpanner 22 – 24 mm01 No
Cutting Tool (3D – 30 Deg)02 NosTool Setting Fixture01 No
Cutting Tool (1D – 45 Deg)01 NoJob Support Plate 01 No
Cutting Tool (1D – 90 Deg) Facing01 NoBushes PB06 Nos
Cutting Holder Ball Head 0.375”02 NosLeveling Bolts04 Nos

Optional Accessories At Extra Cost

Vacuum Tester Set01 No
Depth Measurement Set (Mechanical)01 No
Depth Measurement Set (Digital)01 No
Tool Grinder01 No
Carbide Stem above ∅ 7 mm01 No
Lapping Unit01 No
HMI Unit (Touch Screen)01 No
Single Cylinder Clamping Plate01 No
Reamer Attachment01 No
* NA-Not applicable