Crank Shaft Grinder Machine

Model ACG 2700, Model ACG 2100,Model ACG 1500

The Automatia Crankshaft Grinding Machines, ACG 1500 & ACG 2100 are high precision products designed for regrinding of Crankshaft. The machines combine high precision operation with a length of up to 1500mm and 2100mm respectively. These machines are designed for the machining of crankshafts for single cylinder engines, passenger cars, LCV, and HCV engines. These machines create high productivity rates with increased flexibility in grinding of both Main and Pin Bearings.

Salient Features :
• Turcite-B on Wheel Head and Table Slide Surfaces to minimize friction & for long life.
• Grinding Wheel Head Movement Controlled by MPG (Manual Pulse Generator).
• Digital Display using HMI for Easy Operation.
• High Quality and Graded Castings Supplied by HMT Machine Tools, Cochin.
• Assembled by a Team of Highly Experienced Technicians and Engineers.
• Best in the Industry after Sales Service.
• Automatic Lubrication System using PLC for Grinding Head Slide.
• Extra Width on Machine Table Guide Ways for Heavy Crankshaft.
• Center Height of 310mm to accommodate Bigger Crankshaft.
• Wheel Head Traverse of 350mm.
• Ball Screw with PLC system completely replaces outdated Hydraulic Power Pack systems.

Setting up parallels 01 set Splash Guard 01 set Wheel Hub Puller 01 nos
Centering Gauge Assy- with dial 01 set Coolant System 01 set Belt polisher OP *
Steady Rest 01 set Chuck Jaws 02 set Setup Indicator With Dial 01 set
Straight Wheel Dresser 01 set Spanner 41-46 01 set Plate Leveling Bolt And Nut 10 nos
Radius Wheel Dresser 01 set Spanner Big, Small With Lever 01 nos Anti-friction Lining Provided
Diamond Dresser 01 set Socket Spanner 01 nos Extra Grinding Wheel Hub OP *
Grinding Wheel 01 set Extra Balancing Weight With Bolt 01 nos Extra Steady Rest OP *
Wheel Hub 01 set Extra Large Spanner With Lever 01 nos Wheel Balancing Stand OP *
Wheel Balancing Mandrel With Nut 01 set Allen Key Set 01 nos Operation Manual 01 nos
Wheel Balancing Mandrel With Nut 01 set Allen Key Set 01 nos Operation Manual 01 nos

Maximum Grinding Length 1500mm (60”) 2100mm (82”) 2700mm (106”)
Maximum Distance Between Chuck 1450 mm 2050 mm 2650 mm
Height Of Table Top To Center 310mm 310mm 310mm
Max Stroke Wheel Head 350mm 350mm 400mm
Max Swing Over Table 620mm 600mm 600mm
Max Head Offset 110mm 110mm 200mm
Max Work Piece Diameter In Chuck 600mm 600mm 600mm
Work Head Spindle Speeds (Continuously Variable - VFD). OP* 20 – 100rpm 20 – 100 rpm (VFD) 20 – 100 rpm (VFD)
Table Slow Feed Per Turn Of Hand Wheel 1mm/rev 1 mm/revolution 1 mm/revolution
Table Fast Feed Per Turn Of Hand Wheel 5mm/rev 5 mm/rev 5 mm/rev
Table Speed Step-Less (Servo) OP* OP* 5-300 mm/min
Head Stock Spindle Motor 1hp,960rpm 1hp,960 rpm 2hp,960 rpm
Grinding Wheel Motor 5hp,1440rpm 5hp,1440rpm 7.5hp,1440rpm
Grinding Slide Servo Motor 400watts 400watts 400watts
Coolant Motor 0.25hp,1440rpm 0.25hp,1440 rpm 0.25hp,1440 rpm
Grinding Wheel Diameter 660mm, 710mm 710mm 813mm
Total Length of Machine 3500mm 5200mm 6000mm
Work Space Required 5600 X 2000mm 7000 x 2000mm 8800 x 2300mm
Net Weight (Approx) 3500kg 5000kg 6300kg
Gross Weight (Approx) 4000kg 5400 kg 7000 kg
Slide Movement Precision Ball Screw precision ball screw precision ball screw
Automatic Sizing Gauge HMI HMI HMI
Stroke Measuring Gauge HMI HMI HMI
Hydraulic Power Pack NA* (Servo Control) NA* (Servo Control) NA* (Servo Control)
Auto Table Traverse (Servo Control) OP* OP* OP*
Slide Lubrication OP* PLC controlled Auto PLC controlled Auto PLC controlled Auto

* NA-Not applicable

* OP-Optional